My disturbed mind,

Sought some solace.

Came by as usual

To this serene place!

It was calm,

No one was in sight.

Just me and nature,

The sun shined bright

The water was dull….

The sand dunes brown.

Mindset was thus

Everything carried a frown!

The waters whispered

Asked me to come close,

To feel the coolness

And soothe my toes!

A warm sun bath,

The crispy sun rays ,

Lit up my aura,

Felt like an embrace!

Mountains told me

Standing rigid and tall,

Through the storms,

Stay strong, Do not fall!

A voice within said

“Choose to see light”.

And the water was silver,

Sand dunes were white!

The colourless water,

Mirrored the sun.

It’s time reflect,

Got to get things done!

Tranquility here

Calmed my mind

All my nuisances

I could leave behind!


In response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo prompt.

Thanks for reading , feedback most welcome😊. Click on the link above for guidelines to participate in the prompt . Happy writing 😊

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