Midnight is here, my thoughts run deep

Through the night I struggle to sleep

I love the moonlight and the breeeze

Oh nature sing me a lullaby, please!!!

Whatโ€™s this beauties I see today

A vivid mix of blue silver n grey

Is this fantasy land, is this my dream ?

Such a sight Iโ€™ve never before seen!!!

Glittering wings all in blue

Scattered everywhere , itโ€™s picturesque

Tadpoles n butterflies shining so bright

Itโ€™s yet to sink in, the beauty of this night!!!

The past week through, Iโ€™ve stared from this place

The tall trees the moonlight and the haze,

The shades were all greys and silvers

May be they were struggling caterpillars?!!

Today I learnt a lesson or two

Blissful nature is a teacher too

Dark moth last day, now a butterfly so bright

Sail through darkness, tomorrow there is light!!’

– HappySoul

Image credit : Pixabay

Written in response to Sadje’s Whatdoyousee prompt 34

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