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Love every moment, Live every moment, Learn every moment !

In this site you can find…….

A Big Hi!

I am an Engineer, used to work in the software industry as a Quality Analyst. Now I have my own business in food distribution. I am a mom of two lovely daughters aged 10 and 5 years. I write a physical journal regularly and i used to browse through articles in various blogging sites. I…

13 thoughts on “Home 🏠

  1. Nice post. I am new to WordPress. I followed you and I would really appreciate a follow back. Here is what I do: I seek to empower women to find their inner queen. Lots of content is coming soon. I might also come out with merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc in the future with empowering messages on them. However for now, I am just focused on empowering women with information.

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    1. Thank you so much for the follow, I appreciate it. I am currently compiling an email list of the most supportive people in my following circle, and you are one of them. The people in the email list would be the first to know when I launch. Do send me your email so that I can add to the list. In addition, this list is also special because I will keep you in mind for freebies and benefits as I create them. Thank you for the support.

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